Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Reichenbach Fall - Sherlock

5/5 - Minor Spoilers

It is all over. Sherlock has completed his last case, and he and Watson are no more. Or are they? The finale of Sherlock series two was just as exciting and tragic as I had expected it to be, as Sherlock and Moriarty face off in the ultimate conflict that will change, or end both of their lives. The story is based on The Final Problem, where both Holmes and Moriarty fall to their deaths at the falls of Reichenbach in Switzerland, so Holmes fans can guess what the final outcome of the story could potentially cause. There is no escaping from the conclusion of the story, as it is so well known and loved by many, and that is that Holmes faked his death in order to protect Watson from Moriarty’s men. The question on everyone’s lips is how did he do it? A third series has been commissioned, so the handsome hero that is played effortlessly by Benedict Cumberbatch will return with his deep baritone voice and powerful cheek bones once more.

However back to the present, and this finale was simply brilliant, with Moriarty completing his promise from the season one finale by burning the heart out of and destroying Sherlock. Convincing the world that Sherlock is a fraud, Moriarty possesses a new identity and claims that he is just an actor hired by Holmes and a pawn in his, and not Moriarty’s, grand game. With their allies turned against them, John and Sherlock are forced into hiding and on the run from Lestrade and the police, causing to make difficult and tragic decisions. I will not go into the final scenes in too much depth, as it is worth experiencing the episode as it happens, but I would advise you to have tissues and hankies at the ready, as what happens to the pair of them is bitterly saddening.

It is all over for another year, but Cumberbatch and Freeman have satisfied our Sherlock appetites for the foreseeable future. Steve Moffat and Mark Gatiss have promised big things for series three, but whether they can top this amazing series is questionable. Nevertheless I will not be rolling my eyes when Sherlock returns, but I will be eagerly anticipating the return of the series in the following year and keen to see where Holmes and Watson will be taken, and the tragedies they will face together. 

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