Sunday, 29 January 2012

Star Wars 3D

A long time ago, in a galaxy called the Milky Way, a trilogy of films was released called Star Wars, and quite simply they were one of, if not the, best science fiction franchises ever. Then a few years later another trilogy was released, which as many of you may know were by no way as good, In fact the second trilogy (or first for that matter) was like the side dish in a restaurant you didn’t want to order, but it was complementary so that is great, however it may have spoilt the whole meal, saga, two trilogies (you get what I mean). So the saga wrapped in 2005 with Revenge of the Sith, and many nerds including myself thought that that was it from Lucas, C-3PO and the Ewoks. However George Lucas announced last year some interesting Star Wars news – which I know I have come across later than the rest of the world – however I felt I needed to voice my opinion. He plans to release each of the six films in 3D over the next six consecutive years. Now if I had one question to ask George Lucas this would be it: Why?

What is the point? Why is he doing it over six years? Most people who love Star Wars, the typical Star Wars fan I mean, live in a bin at the bottom of their garden and they won’t be alive in six years time when we finally get Return of the Jedi (1983). So we will have 2012, ok; 2013, dreadful; 2014, better; 2015, at last; 2016, finally; 2017, ultimate nerdgasm!  So the next time the Rugby world Cup is in England, and the San Andreas fault has shifted about another million miles, we will then, and only then, get the decent trilogy, the one minus Jar-Jar ‘pointless’ Binks and iffy CGI. However we still have to wait another three years until they are all done! Which I suppose is not that bad, but by the time they have finished I will be twenty-seven! In Essex years that's is a long time, I could be a Grandad! 

For me releasing the films like this is just a bad idea. Not that the films are coming back, because I love them all: not including Attack of the Clones (2002) though. If I were Lucas I would release them every four months over a two year period and just have the biggest and geekiest twenty four months ever. Whether or not the studio advised him on this, or is he is just being thoughtless, I think there is a far better way of going about re-releasing the film. But that is Lucas for you I think, he hasn't thought it through, or maybe we have mistaken him for a genius. 

Got it wrong George Lucas has I think. 

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