Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Amazing Spider-man Trailer

Exciting news! The new trailer for The Amazing Spider-man starring Andrew Garfield was released today and already I am buzzing with excitement. The film which is a reboot of the Sam Raimi franchise (and also a re-imagining of the entire series apparently) sees Spidey getting to grips with his new powers in high school, falling for Gwen Stacey and battling against Dr Curt Connor's alter ego that is the Lizard. Now I am really excited for this film, but there is always a danger when you reboot a popular franchise such as Spider-man. Admittedly number three was, let’s face it, a bit of a mess, however I believe the franchise could have continued successfully, and Spider-man 4 was on the cards until script disagreements made the film no more. That was a sad day. However the new trailer looks incredible and I think Andrew Garfield will make us forget about Tobey Maguire in the role before you can say ‘bad new green goblin costume’ (you know exactly what I mean).

So the main villain in this film is the Lizard. I have been waiting for the lizard to be in these films since day one, and finally he is here in all his glory. Well, ok maybe not in all his glory. For those of you who saw the origin concept art form the Lizard (below) you may have heard him being referred to as Voldemort, a green Solomon Grundy or a Super Mario Goomba.

I was hoping that the Lizard would be very different from what we saw originally in the design you see above, which is the case with most concept art as they change the images as the production progresses. However, they seem to have kept it the same, which is a bit, you know, bad. I thought he would have the snout and a long tongue, but by the look of it we have what we see above. I am sure however that when he is on the big screen it will be gorgeous, and judging by the actions sequences I am sure I will be wetting myself with excitement and putting my doubts to shame.

The other villain who is in the film who we didn’t get to see (apparently) is Proto-Goblin. Now I am tired of the different incarnations of the Goblin we have seen. Yes he is one of the ultimate archenemies of Spider-man, but it needs a rest, seriously. That was the problem with Raimi’s franchise; the Goblin was too clown like and aimed at a children audience. You want a villain that is going to make them not sleep for a year, but sadly William Defoe’s boogieman didn’t pay off. However having said that I am looking forward to seeing Proto-Goblin, and hoping that they approach it from a whole new perspective, unlike James Franco’s Elton John snowboarder outfit.

The one thing that I will say about the trailer (direct congratulations to Marc Webb) is that I really like the tone of it. It is much darker that what we have seen before, less kid friendly and definitely aimed at an adult audience. Andrew Garfield looks great as Peter Parker and Spidey, Emma stone looks great a Gwen Stacey and Rhys Ifans looks great as Dr. Connors, not so much as green Solomon Grundy. However, despite my moans and criticism of the Lizard, I am so excited to see this film, and with The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers being released, this summer will be a super one (see what I did?)

So have you seen the trailer? What do you think? Is The Amazing Spider-man going to surpass its predecessors? Or will it be even more of a disappointment than the third? Let me know.

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