Sunday, 19 February 2012

Project X - Trailer review

The trailer for the latest film from Todd Philips, the director of Old School and The Hangover films, has been released and it looks as though Phillips is up to his old tricks of laugh-out-loud, toe-curling comedy. The film is Project X, which if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, is of another in the genre of found footage films, normally where everyone at the end if dead and the film basically tracks the series of events that led to them all ending up dead, decapitated by a monster in central park or some other sort of death in the wood that I couldn’t because I was either experiencing nausea due the camera shakes or I was asleep. They tend to be intentionally scary, but ultimately tiresome and not living up to the desired expectation (okay Cloverfield wasn’t terrible, or was it?).

However this film is based upon the events occurring leading up to and during a party planned by a group of American teenagers, intending to make it the ultimate, twisted party that we have all dreamed, but very few have ever actually gone to. People are like that and they will say: ‘Yea I was at this party last week it was amazing, yea, we stayed up until like 5am I had like five beers *snorts* I was completely wasted’. To those people I stick my middle finger up at you and blow a raspberry, because by the looks of this trailer no party could come close to the mayhem and chaos that is going to ensue in this film. We have zip lines, kung fu midgets, sex, drugs, copious amounts of alcohol, car crashes, flame throwers (the next time I am at a house party and the riot police with flame throwers come out, I would take that as a sign to call it a night).  This film seems to me to be the events of The Hangover that you didn’t see, and if there was a video camera capturing the antics that occurred in Las Vegas, this would be it in all its insane and twisted glory.

So hopefully this film will breathe new light into a franchise that is becoming associated with Nurofen, low budgets and bad acting, and that Todd Phillips will make yet another hilarious and insane film, one that is hopefully a lot funnier and unique than the Hangover: Part II. If it is anything like the trailer shows I am sure it will not disappoint,  as there seems to be some great lines and the split second timed humour that I love about Phillip’s films, which potentially could make The Hangover films look like a quiet night in when compared to Project X.

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