Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Final Trailer review

So The Dark Knight Rises final trailer was released about a week ago, and I have finally had some time to let it sink in that this is the final Batman trailer by Christopher Nolan that we are ever likely to see – a sad moment for cinema I think you’d agree. So there has been an immense amount of hype regarding The Avengers, which is sitting comfortably and the Number 1 spot of the box office, and will be for some time I think. However, despite the talk that the Avengers will surpass TDKR in regards for earnings, the question is: Will the plot of The Dark Knight Rises be its saving grace?

So what has been spread on the net about Nolan’s last film with Batman is that the film takes places about eight years following the anarchy and turmoil that the Joker spread in The Dark Knight and Gotham is at peace. Batman has vanished following the death of Harvey Dent, and is now hunted by Gotham police who believe he is responsible for the carnage at the end of the last film. However, Gotham is about to face another stage of disaster, one that could burn it to the ground. This terror comes in the form of the juggernaut Bane, who intends to destroy the city and all that is left of Bruce Wayne and Batman's legacy.

The third trailer kicks off really eerily, with creepy music that you would expect in a psychological horror film. Then we see Bruce Wayne with a beard, an indication I imagine that suggests he has been out of action for a long time – either that or he ran out of Gillette shavers. Then for those of you who have been lucky enough to see the prologue we get a few shots of the planes that were used in the capturing of Dr Pavel – ‘who is doctor Pavel?’ I hear you ask. Honestly, I am not sure.

Then we hear some sexy vocal tones warning Bruce Wayne that ‘A storm is coming. Who could this be, other than the femme fatale of the DC universe,  Selina Kyle aka Cat-woman (In fact I hope they do just call her Selina, similar to how Harvey Dent wasn’t called Two-Face after the accident). Then after a shot of her looking like Audrey Hepburn and her saying that she is adaptable (I bet she is), we see the monster that is Bane – again is you had seen the prologue the shot isn’t much of a surprise. However the next shot is the shot we have been waiting for, which is with Bane speaking, all of us wondering whether they fixed the audio from the prologue that everyone complained about. He is holding some guy who looks haggard and near death and states that he is ‘Gotham’s Reckoning’. And Hooray! His voice is perfect. It still has the same muffled elements to it, but it is so much easier to understand.

Then we see the same stuff we say in the last trailer, namely the football pitch exploding, people getting removed from their homes and police officers being bombarded with debris, elements symbolising the inevitable destruction that Bane is going to release onto Gotham’s streets. Then we see Joseph Gordon Levitt, and everyone is asking: who the hell is this guy? Well apparently he is a Gotham cop and – well that’s it to be honest. Many have speculated that he will take up the Batman guise following Bruce Wayne’s possible broken back or death at the hands of Bane, but who knows.

After that is just shows one of the city’s bridges and nothing else. Then suddenly it explodes and collapses, like the one in the backdrop that you don’t notice initially. I think it is safe to say that Gotham is in a little bit of trouble to say the least. So already from the trailer it is clear that this is a level of destruction similar to the past batman films, so at least the plot appears as strong as its predecessors. After Joseph Gordon Levitt and Selina discuss whether he (presumably Bruce Wayne) is dead or not, we see the batter hero with Bane looking over his (broken?) body, stating that he didn’t kill Wayne because ‘his punishment must be more severe’. From the two lines in this trailer, Bane is definitely up there with the Joker for sheer menace and terror. However, unlike the Joker he isn’t an agent of chaos, just its muscle.

Now from here the intensity of the trailer builds and builds, firing numerous questions at you as to what the future will be for the caped crusader. Will he return (He obviously will)? If Bane is as bad as Cat-woman says, where is Nolan going to take this character? Judging by the final section of the trailer, this is a battle that Bruce Wayne may not live through, or come out the other side unscathed. With Alfred refusing to ‘Bury him’ and Wayne admitting that he has yet to give the people of Gotham everything, it is possible that he will die in his attempt to save the city that loathes him.

From now up to the conclusion the chant of Deshay! Deshay! Basara! Basara! from past trailers grows and grows, as we see Bane and Batman fighting, Cat-woman taking out a load of goons and a few exploding Tumblers. The title comes up and the chanting continues in a chilling yet satisfying manner. Then the money shot. I won’t say anything in case there is a human being alive who hasn’t seen it yet – but trust me, it is worth the wait.

Here is what I want you to think about. The scene towards the end when Bane and Batman are fighting in the sewers (I think), is it me or does Batman’s fighting look a little clunky? Is that because he has had the living snot beaten out of him, or is it an inexperienced replacement? What do you think?

So the trailer looks amazing, what do you think is going to happen to Batman or Bruce Wayne? Is Bruce Wayne going to die? Will Batman be replaced? Will Bane go out and buy some cough medicine? Comment below, let me know, or contact me via twitter ‘Rohanseal221B’.

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