Friday, 25 May 2012

Skyfall - Teaser Trailer

The Bond franchise is one of the most successful and scrutinised in the film industry, with nearly 23 films that have told the adventures and victories of one of Britain’s most beloved spies: James Bond. The first teaser trailer for the latest Bond film Skyfall was released last week, revealing very little of what we can expect from Daniel Craig’s third adventure as 007. Even from this trailer, I believe Skyfall will surpass Quantum of Solace in terms of plot, as I am sure many of you will agree that the last film was – to put it nicely I suppose – terrible. Although it was intended as a follow on from Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace felt like an added hour and forty minutes that was unnecessary and weighed the film down. Craig was still brilliant as Bonds, but the film was high on thrill, with some of the best actions scenes I have ever seen in a Bond film, but lacked any emotional depth.
However, from the one minute twenty-four second trailer I feel that the story has engaged me far more than the previous film ever did. Taking part in a word association exercise (I assume – if anyone knows please let me know), Bond confidently responds to the words thrown at him. Then upon hearing the word ‘Skyfall’, Bond freezes for a moment, then utters a single word: ‘done’. It raises numerous questions: What is ‘Skyfall’? How does Bond Know about it? How has Voldermort suddenly grown his hair back?  (That’s not really a question because we all know that smug guy next to M is in fact Ralph Fiennes, but you can see what I mean). We know that the film is based upon MI6 and certain secrets involving M, so whether or not she is initiating ‘Skyfall’ as a code name for a operation or if it is a title for a pre-planned attack on MI6 is yet to be clearly established. I guess we will have to wait to find out.

 So what do you all think of the trailer? Has it whet your appetite for more espionage thrills following a four year gap since the last Bond film? Do you have any opinions on the word ‘Skyfall’?

What the trailer yourself at the link, comment below, let me know, or contact me via Twitter.

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